Leaderships - Check Your Recruitment Statistics:

You may use this limited report (popup) of certain data fields entered on the CAPRA registration form to check your personal recruiting statistics, to know which leadership level you have obtained already or are close to achieving soon.  Simply enter your own Code in the popup grid's search box at bottom to see all results matching your search, with all of your recruits shown on the left column, and yourself on the right.  Or, if you have forgotten your exact Code#, just search your name or email you used to register.

CAPRA actually has four (4) different types of legal attacks presently underway, and most parents are eligible for more than just one type:  See this PDF for more info.

CAPRA also will grant you FREE legal assistance, simply for investing your own time to build the Communications Army bigger, so be a leader:  See this PDF for more info.

Free tips on how to *rapidly* increase your CAPRA leadership level (and your share of the expected whistleblower civil damages award) are all available on this page.

Plus, free CAPRA biz card downloads, tons of ready-made promo graphics with options of copy text, and more are all available on the Get The Gear page.  Go there now.

Leaderships - General Information:

LeadershipsThere are five (5) different levels of Leaderships for the entire class action communications army nationwide, including all the fifty thousand plus (50k+) "County" communications leaders, over two thousand (2000+) "Division" communications leaders, along with two hundred and eighty (280) "State" communications leaders, forty-two (42) "Region" communications leaders, and fourteen (14) "National" communications leaders at top.

The clear purpose of the communications army is very simple and straightforward - right after the class action lawsuit is filed in the federal courthouse, every communications leader will immediately begin saturating all possible electronic airwaves with news about our class action suit - the entire communications army, altogether - for at least a few days, and maybe several days in a row, until our federal lawsuit involving many, many millions of Americans everywhere, with the truth of the terrible injustices being perpetrated upon all those American families, reaches critical mass level for public news, i.e., goes viral.

Because every leader of the communications army will spend a few to several days of their time saturating our lawsuit news into the public mainstream, that is why we are providing three (3) sources of financial reward in fair compensation for that valuable time spent by each leader.  Two reward sources are automatic.  The third is optional.

Each next higher leadership level gets a flat base rewards share amount that is double the previous leadership level base amount.  In other words, every County level leader gets, at the very least, their standard base share amount, just for being a Member of CAPRA and the communications army and doing their duty to saturate the airwaves in support of the class action lawsuit filed when that happens.  Every Division leader gets a base share amount that is double that, State leaders get a base share that is double what Division leaders get, Regional leaders get base shares that are double the State level amounts, and National leaders have base shares double that of Regional leaders.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of the total whistleblower award will be divided out to all 51,764 Members of CAPRA (the communications army) as their base shares under the above doubling-per-level formula.  Using the smaller example from our Homepage, i.e., our ultra-generous offer to settle the whistleblower claims for only a mere 1/20th of the statutory minimum reward of 15%, that would result in a total plaintiff rewards payment of roughly $270 million for CAPRA, more or less, and so then every "County" leader's base share would be an estimated $3691.62, Divisional base shares would be roughly $7383.24, State base shares would be approximately $14,766.47 each, every Region leader would have a base share of about $29,532.94, and base share amounts would be an estimated $59,065.88 for each National leader.  HOWEVER, those are just the minimum base share amounts to be expected, as again, this is all calculated with only that ultra-generous 1/20th fractional settlement offer (perhaps we'll actually go for a "full" 1/10th settlement offer...), and only upon using a $6B/year total figure for the federal funding programs targeted (when we believe it is actually much closer to a full $7B/year, perhaps more...), and only upon that statutory absolute minimum ratio of 15% required by law (when the law appears to actually require either 25% or 30% reward payment in this particular situation)...  Accordingly, all leadership base share amounts could very easily be significantly higher than the limited estimates above.

And, that's just the base shares for each leadership level.  As a Member of CAPRA (as one of the communication army leaders - which is the same thing), there's also all of the Recruitment bonuses available for you to accumulate, and stack on top of your base share amount.  And, since there are recruitment quotas required to advance up to higher leadership levels, it all adds up pretty fast for the most motivated leaders.

There is a catch to all of this, though...  Every higher leader in the communications army is *still* one of the leaders in each respective lower team.  In other words, if you rise to be a State level leader, you are still a Division leader within your matching Division, and you are still a County leader within your own County (or other "Locality" if yours is not actually a "County").  Even a National leader is still also another leader within the corresponding Regional team, still a leader within his/her own State team, still a leader within his/her own Divisional team, and still one of the (12 to 28) leaders in his/her own "County" communications team...  And, that's why you get paid more, although there's really not much of anything "extra" to do at higher levels, other than just be in charge, help watch over lower leaders, and so forth.  See the F.A.Q. Page.

So, the two automatic reward sources for every Member of CAPRA are directly related, i.e., leadership level base shares and recruitment bonuses.  The third reward source is optional, and that is simply the opportunity for any Member of CAPRA to enter into the Media Contests by creating a supporting YouTube video and/or an audio-radio track, but the contests have deadlines for entries, so get started quickly if you plan to enter!

To learn details about what are the Divisions, how many leaders are in each different geographical team level, and also how many recruitments are required to advance up to each next higher level of leadership, see the direct companion Recruitment page.

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, especially by also double-checking the Case News page.