News and AlertsThis page provides a central hub to share all informational alerts and other messages out to all Members of CAPRA, as well as the interested general public.  Along with new case filing, this page will be often updated to include copies of all press releases, court news and other related information.

Plan To Attend Your 2020 Parents Day Expo Regional Event:

Parents Day!CLICK THE IMAGE OR HERE to jump to the Parents Day Expo "main hub" website.  Make sure you start planning to attend your matching regional Expo event to celebrate National Parents Day together with the movement (even via simulcast livestreaming channels), and to get your own official Parents Day Proclamations process started too.

July 24-26, 2020 -- Seven (7) Simultaneous Regional Events:
Sacramento | Denver | Dallas | Chicago | Jacksonville | Washington DC | Boston

There are far too many different things going on within the whole Parents Day Expo regional events thing, so we just recommend that you immediately visit the website.

Individual State-by-State Class Action Lawsuits

Instead of still waiting to file an all-50-states national class action (not CAPRA's fault), CAPRA will file up to seven (7) individual (per State) class action lawsuits this year, for the first State or Commonwealth within each CAPRA Region that makes ready to file.

Several smaller-population States still do not yet have their own minimum required 100+ plaintiffs registered, but that won't stop other States that DO already have 100+ plaintiffs registered from filing their own class action lawsuits (for one State at a time).

Will YOUR State be the one ready first within your Region?  Learn more details now.

Valentine Victory Vacation from Family Court

Now available for free download 24/7 --  "Noncustodial" parent?  Get yours.

CLICK HERE for Valentine Victory VacationCLICK THE IMAGE OR HERE to access our Valentine's Day free promotional giveaway information webpage.



The special VVV package from February 2017 (complete motion package to dismiss your entire "noncustodial" child custody case for lack of jurisdiction) is now available for direct download, so to get your copy just go there.

Submit Your Case for Federal Removal

Access the Removal Advocates Matching Service

Removing your custody case into federal court via 28 USC 1443 is one of the most powerful things you can do to turn things around.  The primary purpose of special removal Section 1443 is expressly to expose a state court's dirty diapers - that's what this removal statute is for, i.e., the more corrupt that your state custody case has been, then the more powerful your removal action into federal court under this special prosecutorial statute.  However, there are a few certain criteria that you will need to meet to remove your state court case, such as having a triggering paper received to kick off your 30-day removal window.  Learn more and initiate your removal here.

Note:  This federal removal agenda is purposefully nationwide for full coverage over the 50 States' different 89 federal Districts by a few hundred CAPRA Members.  Read more about the four (4) different types of CAPRA legal attacks underway, just below.

Blazing Bits of Fireworks Factoids

The Five Hottest Topics in the CAPRA Network

CAPRA actually has four (4) different types of legal attacks presently underway, and most parents are eligible for more than just one type:  See this PDF for more info.

CAPRA also will grant you FREE legal assistance, simply for investing your own time to build the Communications Army bigger, so be a leader:  See this PDF for more info.

Free tips on how to *rapidly* increase your CAPRA leadership level (and your share of the expected whistleblower civil damages award) are all available on this page.

Plus, free CAPRA biz card downloads, tons of ready-made promo graphics with options of copy text, and more are all available on the Get The Gear page.  Go there now.

Above all else, urgently encourage all other family court reform advocates out there to INTERCONNECT NOW via (3 x 50 = 150) CAPRA state-by-state groups, using our Connection Central table of all links for the Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, and SocialGo platforms.  Every CAPRA Member is encouraged to join all four of his/her state groups, so every State has plenty of strong support for public events and other calls to action!

Special SCOTUS Original Action Jury Trial

ALERT to all MULTI-STATE "noncustodial" parents:

Whether you are a victimized father OR mother, as we want plenty of BOTH for this, if you have a MULTI-STATE "noncustodial" family court case (divorce-and-similar-with-kids case), then you will probably be interested in checking your own eligibility criteria to join this upcoming *jury trial* case to be filed directly as an "original action" in the United States Supreme Court when enough Co-Plaintiffs register to cover all 50 States and Commonwealths "coming and going" (Title IV-D), and which, unlike the thousands of pro se petitions for certiorari routinely denied any reviews whatsoever, this type of special-crafted action requires the Supreme Court to hear and review it.

Vetting Underway: DC Case Filing Surrogates

Reviewing CAPRA Members within the DC area

The established National Board Directors of CAPRA are presently reviewing Members within reasonable proximity to the general Beltway / Washington DC area, for further vetting and final selections of the three to five (3-5) hand-picked Members who shall be awarded the prestigious honors of actual and direct involvement with court filing and service of the CAPRA class action lawsuit against the Defendants.  These special Members will be electronically provided the monies and documents to physically print and assemble the filing and service packages (locally in advance), and each will also enjoy the privileged opportunity of being a featured speaker at the DC presser event.

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, especially by also double-checking the Case News page.