NEWER:  Seven (7) State-by-State Class Action Lawsuits

First Come, First Served -
Each class action to be filed when State's activists get self-organized online.

Instead of still waiting to file the all-50-States class action (not any fault of CAPRA, but of legal need for *all 50* of the States to *each* have 100+ plaintiffs registered), CAPRA will file up to seven (7) individual (per State) class action lawsuits this year, for the first State or Commonwealth within each CAPRA Region that gets prepared online.

Seven CAPRA Regions

Several smaller-population States still do not yet have their own minimum required 100+ plaintiffs registered, but that won't stop other States that do already have 100+ plaintiffs registered from filing their own class action lawsuits (for their own State).

TIP: The CAPRA Membership self-registration form now applies to BOTH, the all-50-States national classaction lawsuit, whenever that finally happens, AND for your own State or Commonwealth, towards your individual state-by-state class action lawsuit, and can be accessed either: on the Homepage; or directly as just the form itself.

Basic/Minimum Legal Requirements

Federal law requires an absolute minimum of 100 actually-listed plaintiffs to file as an "existing Class" together, so as to automatically bypass the normal legal "question" of "whether" such "proposed" Class exists or not, i.e., bypass any "discretion" by a given federal judge in "deciding" even whether or not to "find" that such a Class exists, and should therefore be "certified" as a Class, and that the case should therefore proceed forward as a Class, and so forth and so on...  Already having the 100+ actual named plaintiffs eliminates all of those normal legal hurdles which the professional law-liars would love as an extra bonus opportunity to twist and pervert our justice in a lawsuit about their own widespread corruption...

Accordingly, CAPRA still cannot yet file any single unified all-50-States class action lawsuit until ALL of the lesser-populated States finally each have their own respective minimum 100+ plaintiffs too, because legally speaking per the above there must be that separate group of 100+ plaintiffs registered for each and every different one of the 50 States and Commonwealths, as 50 individually named Defendants, or else you then *cannot* sue and name any of just those certain States and/or Commonwealths wherein you haven't yet met/exceeded that 100+ minimum plaintiff threshold yet...

Filing a "nationwide" class action that would, so far, only actually name just 34 certain particular States, and that resulting mass confusion and chaos within legal paperwork administration, let alone upon social media, is NOT even a remotely reasonable option to ever consider.  Yet, there should be no reason for "big" States (larger populations) who have each already amassed their own respective 200+, 300+ and 400+ plaintiff parents registered into the CAPRA plaintiff/member database, to have to keep waiting on their litigation for demanding justice, simply because lesser-populated States don't yet all have their own minimum quotas met/exceeded for class action legal threshold.

You Should Be Outraged At Troublemakers

There have been a number of totally ignorant, wholly arrogant, often vain, and even criminally abusive fools running around various so-called "movement" circles, falsely defaming CAPRA in various ways, and - what a coincidence (not) - these very same fools also have no clue about real law nor any real experience about what an actual, bona fide, legally-serious "class action" really takes and requires.  By running around falsely blaming CAPRA for "not yet filing" that single all-50-State class action lawsuit, they themselves are, in fact, actually *THE* main reason it hasn't already been filed by now, because by *falsely* defrauding YOU into not maintaining your participation (active recruitment of others to also register as more plaintiffs for each of their own respective States and Commonwealths), it is THEY who have directly themselves, actually, caused the situation wherein the lesser-populated States have still not yet reached their own respective minimum thresholds, hence why that planned single unified class action lawsuit for all 50 States and Commonwealths has yet to be filed.

It is *not* any fault of CAPRA, which has completed way far more preparation and work than any other family rights org or "personality" has even ever considered or attempted, let alone actually published and actually implemented it online (another reason why that certain handful of those same dishonest fools have falsely attacked CAPRA, in their miserable egotistical jealously of their own shortcomings and relative incompetence for providing any real solutions or help to you online...).  CAPRA has been ready for a good couple of years now, and is still waiting...  It is actually YOUR fault that the single all-50-State class action lawsuit has not been able to be filed yet in Washington DC ("your" = the general movement), or more precisely exposed, it is the direct fault of arrogant, ignorant fools deceiving you into doing nothing towards finally obtaining your justice entitled.  Those same fools have been CHEATING all of you out of your rightful justice, and frankly, at least a few of them have perpetrated such premeditated deceptions against all of you knowingly in their parallel and fairly disgusting vain quests for seeking "fame and glory" in popularity amongst you at the same time... How ironic... Such people should be cast out of the movement entirely, because that is clearly acting far worse, in terms of basic integrity, than even the family courts (which at least... are pretty honest about being routinely dishonest...).

First State Ready PER EACH Region Gets Lawsuit

Anyway, well over half of the States and Commonwealths have already each met or even exceeded their minimum legal threshold of 100+ plaintiffs registered, so CAPRA will assist this year in filings of individual per-State class action lawsuits for the first State within each of the seven (7) CAPRA regions that has their necessary functional parameters ready/met, including: (A) the relatively easier part, which is just having that minimum 100+ plaintiff threshold met or exceeded, as is already well discussed above; along with (B) also having at least bare minimum "statewide" geographical contacts/leadership coverage hooked up, listed together online, and ready to make lots of noise on the moment of filing suit against that same State or Commonwealth; and, (C) providing an online public-accessible set of county-by-county social network groups for each county of that State/Commonwealth, so others may actually join too.

Again, there are multiple States within each Region that do have their 100+ plaintiff threshold met/exceeded, so it's just a matter of which State's people get themselves self-organized first, and that first come, first served State in each Region will get their CAPRA class action lawsuit filed.  To be sure, any other State which meets the criteria can also file their own class action (on their own), but CAPRA will directly assist, work with and do so for the people of the first State to reach readiness within their Region.

That minimally basic geographic coverage just means having at least one (1) person identified and connected (listed online) as a "leader" or "contact" for each county with 50k population or more, also having at least two (2) persons identified and connected (listed online) as "leaders" or "contacts" for each county with 250k population or more, having at least three (3) persons identified and connected (listed online) as "leaders" or "contacts" for each county having 1M population or more, having at least four (4) persons identified and connected (listed online) as the "leaders" or "contacts" for each county with 2M population or more, and having at least five (5) persons identified and connected (listed online) as "leaders" or "contacts" for each county with 3M population or any higher number of population (Note: In 48 of the States and Commonwealths it is "county" whereas in Louisiana it is "parish" and in Alaska it is "borough" generally).

Guess What?  Most States ALREADY HAVE plenty enough registered people for covering counties, because, uhm, most people come from the most populated areas (duh!), but registered members of a given state just haven't connected up with each other in such self-organized fashion like that yet.  The obvious place to self-organize your county-by-county "contact" listings is upon the CAPRA state-by-state groups.

For example, a very strong candidate in CAPRA Region 1 is the State of California, which has over 600 registered plaintiffs/members already, so golden dandy in that first respect.  California has 38M people in 58 counties with various populations, 43 of which fall under the criteria above, resulting in needing 86 of those 600 people listed up for minimum statewide coverage per the above tiered formula.  For another example, the most likely state in Region 3 is probably Texas, which has some 500 registered plaintiffs/members already, but 26M people spread across their huge 254 counties of various populations, 62 of which fall under the above tiered population formula, resulting in needing 90 of those 500 people listed up for minimum statewide coverage.  Other big-population States like Florida and New York have their 200-300+ plaintiffs each, and as mentioned, the majority of all States and Commonwealths do each have their 100+ plaintiffs already registered.  On the other end of the spectrum, but still equally capable of "winning" their class action lawsuit first, are the smallest-population States like Wyoming, Rhode Island or North Dakota, which only need just 2-4 people each under the "statewide coverage" tiered formula above, so really easy to meet that aspect, but each still only has just 10-20 plaintiffs registered at present.

Any State (or "Commonwealth") within your own same Region has its own uniquely current status/combination to achieve "readiness" first under the above parameters, and therefore win the CAPRA class action lawsuit.  It's just up to various people of a given State or Commonwealth to make it happen first amongst their entire Region.

SUMMARY:  If your State or Commonwealth is the first one within your Region to have all three components ready, you win!  That includes: (a) having 100+ plaintiffs registered into CAPRA as your already-existing legal "Class" suing your own State or Commonwealth; (b) self-organize at least minimum statewide coverage of your own counties, which just means talk amongst yourselves upon your corresponding CAPRA state group and gather up willing contacts/leaders for all larger-population counties per the tiered formula; and (c) the same county contacts/leaders setup online social groups (Facebook is recommended) for at least each of those same more-populated counties of your own State or Commonwealth, if not all of them, so that the general public can actually join and support you, and help get things done better and faster.

Constitutional Arguments

Although the all-50-state national class action lawsuit will include even more claims under law, the legal arguments and constitutional challenges to be used within these individual state-by-state class action lawsuits are the same primary claims from the national class action lawsuit, notably these five NCP-related facts and these five CPS-related facts, but also including all things discussed on the Arguments page.


First come, first served, State (or Commonwealth) "ready" per each Region wins...

TIP: To check on the number of [class action / CAPRA membership] registrations for your own State, you can use this online data report table to either click-sort the two-letter state abbreviation column and then start counting, or use the text search box at bottom of the report view to find any 3-character-minimum text string results.

The only remaining item after achieving "ready" is simply to cover the costs of paper and ink plus any miscellaneous office supplies to create multiple copies of paperwork packages (perhaps $50-100), the filing fee for your federal class action case ($400), and roughly $70-90 for certified/tracked service upon recipients for your Defendants (serve your own Governor and Attorney General on behalf of suing your own State or Commonwealth plus several federal recipients on behalf of Defendant United States).

If your State's various activists win the class action lawsuit for your Region, it can be filed when all "ready" but try to be ready by July 4th so as to plan on filing the class action for your State on Monday, July 29th in conjunction with Parents Day Expo.

Determination of the winning State or Commonwealth within each Region will occur because of all of the related activity and discussions upon the CAPRA state groups, and because that State's activists self-organized by counties upon their new website.

Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, especially by also double-checking the Case News page.