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Overview of Class Action Lawsuit:

Communications ArmyWith the package now ready for imminent filing, this federal class action suit seeks two primary goals in court relief: (1) shutdown and radically correct both of the main unlawful "family court" systems nationwide because of multiple, grossly unconstitutional issues each; and, (2) shutdown all of related federal HHS/ACF “carrot and stick” programs that are partial blame for causing #1.

This class action lawsuit also demands one secondary form of relief, a declaration (Order) from the federal court that the unlawful deprivations of child custodial rights from all registered class action plaintiffs are void, hence fully restoring the prior legal and physical child custody of all registered plaintiffs who qualify and join below.  This ability to directly restore fundamental rights is because of the legal nature in swearing under penalty of perjury that each such parent is actually qualified to receive all such relief.  Further, all of the other millions of "similarly situated" parents out there will be able to use this same declaratory relief ordered by the federal court, and proceed back to their respective family courts (using an attorney of their choice if and as needed), to go through the process for essentially the same guaranteed results.  The difference is only that those other millions of parents were not already in this class action lawsuit, formally, by swearing their own qualifications to receive relief under penalty of perjury.

Named Parties of Suit:  Plaintiffs include a legal association formed via registrations of the first 51,764 qualifying U.S. family rights activists joined (CAPRA - "Constitutional Association of Parental Rights Advocates"), plus all class action plaintiffs (the millions of all other American family rights victims out there).  This lawsuit will be strictly about the parental rights of *natural/biological* parents and the affected children/families of those parents.  This lawsuit is not about any rights of adoptive parents, foster parents, grandparents, or etc.  Defendants are the 50 States/Commonwealths, Congress, and US HHS/ACF.  We may or may not also add DC as another named Defendant similar to the 50 States/Commonwealths, but it’s really not necessary, and DC is a very different creature under the law, not really like a State/Commonwealth.  See our F.A.Q. Page for further information on all the named and class action parties, with related details, and/or see directly on the Complaint's cover page (first page), provided by this link.

Constitutional arguments include those regarding flagrant injustices within the child custody/support/visitation realm ("family court" actions between two natural/biological parents over their minor child/ren), those regarding flagrant injustices within the child protective services realm ("family court" actions by government social workers versus one or both natural/biological parents over child custody), along with those intended to shutdown and terminate all related federal fundings ($4+ billion annually on Title IV-D and similar, and $2-3 billion annually on portions of Title IV-A, IV-B, IV-E and similar), i.e., all of the carrot and stick federal funding schemes driving many injustices in both of those two "family court" victimization realms.  See our Arguments page for details.

The communications army in direct support upon filing this class action is the most motivated and passionate army humanly possible, because it is CAPRA, the association lead plaintiff itself, consisting of all highly determined family rights activists, each and every single one of them.  But there is another powerful motivation, a very significant financial incentive, in addition.  Of the several different claims ("Counts") against those HHS/ACF federal funding programs, each includes a qui tam action, typically known as "whistleblower" actions.  Federal laws mandate and expressly require reward payment to plaintiffs successfully bringing a whistleblower action.  The formula mandated by law requires reward payments to be no less than 15%, and up to 30%, based upon certain factors, of the past six (6) years of all such annual federal fundings, and we're talking about $6-7 billion/year at issue...  In other words, even the absolute minimum reward required by law (15%) still translates into roughly $5.4-6.3 billion...  But, being overly generous, we'll even offer to settle for a mere 1/10th or even 1/20th of that statutory minimum, and the amount is *still* so staggering that each of 51,764 qualifying family rights advocates can be rewarded for their communications time in victory with various reward amounts starting with at least $3k for the base, and going up from there based upon personal recruiting efforts (so that the best motivated communicators, those who most often successfully communicated their recruiting message, will then also actually and fairly earn the highest rewards, as it should be).  If you are personally qualified to participate, join by using the registration form just below.  For more information first, please review our F.A.Q. Page, as well as our Leaderships and Recruitment pages.

Qualify and Join Here:

Basically, if you are a parent of one or more natural/biological children, you also were unlawfully victimized by either above-described American "family court" system within the past four years (whether still currently or not), and you currently live in one of the 50 States/Commonwealths, you qualify to be a Member of CAPRA and fully participate in everything described upon this website.  However, there are per-geography limits.

For various reasons, the total membership of CAPRA will be limited to a maximum of the first 51,764 qualified registrants, which is population-density based, including up to twelve (12) Members allowed to join and participate from the very least populated, most rural Localities, and likewise by different population-density thresholds, up to a max of twenty-eight (28) Members from each of the many most populated Localities.

About 95% of all such 3142 U.S. Census "Localities" are called "[something] County" while the rest are county-equivalents, like "boroughs" and "census areas" in Alaska, "parishes" in Louisiana, and even "independent cities" like St. Louis, Baltimore, and others, which are cities not part of any counties, with their own borders, etc.  Using different population thresholds, each different Locality is shown with either three (3), five (5) or seven (7) CAPRA membership slots on this example spreadsheet.  We are using four (4) of those (real) spreadsheets together, each with 12,941 slots, for a grand total of 51,764 maximum CAPRA membership slots available across the nation, hence "three" slots shown on the single spreadsheet for a Locality is actually twelve slots available, "five" is actually twenty slots, and "seven" shown is actually 28 slots.

So, in order to qualify and join CAPRA successfully, you must not only qualify under the regular "legal standing" factors described above and detailed on the form below, but you also must be amongst the very first set of people within your own geography (first come, first served, per each "County" and equivalent Locality) who register and join the earliest in setup for later spreading our lawsuit news in that area.  Join now:


Alternatively, you may instead jump directly to the form in standalone mode as desired or needed (recommended for all mobile device users).  It is the same form.


Note: This website is under constant construction. So, please don't hesitate to come check back often for important updates, especially by also double-checking the Case News page.